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KELT(神戸英語教育学会紀要) バックナンバー



奥羽 充規・拝田 清
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Problems and Possibilities of Introducing a New Teaching Methodology

村端 啓介
「語用論的言語使用「褒め」の小学校英語への導入とその教育的意義について の考察」
A Consideration of Introducing Pragmatic Language Use, Specifically “Complimenting,” into Elementary School English Education in Japan Based on Its Pedagogical Significance

拝田 清
Teaching English Phonetics Through Speech Recognition Software

吉野 康子・東郷 多津
Cross-cultural Understanding and Collaborative Learning for Primary and Secondary Education―Through Teacher Training Programs―

青田 庄真
「戦後日本の英語教育政策に関する国会議員の発言志向―プロファイルと発 言内容の関連についての計量テキスト分析―」
Quantitative Text Analysis on the Relationship between Profiles and Statements form Politicians Regarding ELE in Postwar Japan

上野 舞斗
The debates over using kana for the transcription of English sounds: With a focus on The Rising Generation in the pre-war Japan